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Tagessuppe – $6.50
Soup of the day, please ask for our specials!

Gruner Salat – $6.00
Mixed Greens with our House Dressing

Kartoffelsalat – $7.50
German Potato Salad with seared Black Forest Ham

Gurkensalat – $7.50
Cucumber Salad with Cream & Fromage Blanc Sauce, fresh Dill and a splash of White Wine Vinegar

Krautsalat – $7.50
The German version of Cole Slaw. Soft blanched Cabbage, a splash of Bavarian Beer Vinegar and Oil.
Crisp seared Bacon is added to bring taste to a maximum

Karottensalat – $7.50
Finely shredded Carrots with Honey & Cream dressing

Wiener Backhandlsalat mit Kurbiskernol – $18.50
A mixed platter with Salads from above. Greens dressed with Pumpkinseed Oil. Topped with pan fried
pieces of Chicken Breast

Heidelberger Chefsalat mit Schweinefilet – $20.00
A mixed platter with salads from above, topped with tender pork medallions and sauteed mushrooms